Employee Perspectives

Teaching in Superior has been a great experience for me. I have explored my research skills here through its Azra Neheed Centre for Research and development. It has opened new horizons for me to develop myself more professionally and to contribute for the nation as well. The quality focused approach here really fascinates to be a part of this Superior Family

Muhammad Ilyas, Faculty Member

As an employee of this organization it is an honor for me because I have got so many opportunities to develop myself professionally and groom my potential to its most. The respect, rewards, and growth are some of the basics that I have gained through the course of my employment here. As this is a fast growing institute so I am able to learn and develop new HR systems and policies that will surely lead me towards the best I could have in my career.

Asif Aziz Khan, Assistant HR Manager

Since I joined Superior it has been a very good experience for me as Superior has provided me with some excellent opportunities to grow as a top class professional. The care, motivation and developmental support that I have got from here are simply unmatchable. This is something that makes me proud to be a member of this group.

Waqas Nasir, Assistant Project Director

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